About Mid Murray Services - owned by Kristine & Andrew Sims

It is more likely riverwater flows through the Sims family's veins than blood. Andrew's parents bought two very small shacks in Caurnamont back in 1969. His dad, Lionel, a very handy man, transformed the two shacks into one. Later adding a boat shed, tool shed, bathroom and spare bedroom. Many days were spent enjoying the river, sun and good times with friends and family.

Years later, when Andrew married Kristine they purchased the shack off Lionel and his wife Erna and so began another generation to enjoy the wonders of the Murray River with their three children. Kristine and Andrew subsequently demolished the old shack and built a house where they live now. Their children are grown up now but still bring their friends and partners to enjoy the majestic Murray River.

As freeholding took place along the Murray so did demolition of old tin shed shacks. In their place grand two storey holiday homes were built. With these upgraded "shacks" comes the desire to spruce up the properties and the need for holiday home maintenance. This is where Kristine and Andrew come into place by offering a service to maintain your holiday home - to mow your lawns, ensure water systems are operating correctly, to offer a presence at your property when you are not there.

"As we had to locate various tradespeople to build our new home we found out first hand how difficult it was to first find a tradey and secondly get a quote when we were not living at our property full-time. That is another reason we established Mid Murray Services."

They can coordinate with a tradey to get you a quote and subsequently get the job done. They will step in your place and handle the negotiations. You make the final decisions whether to accept the quote or not.

Our Principles

As we look to expand our business we have set a number of principles to follow.

  • To provide excellent customer service this includes god communication
  • To utilise technology so we can be efficient and savvy
  • To ensure that if we make a mistake we fix it and learn from this error
  • To offer added value for your money


Qualifications include Certification in Horticulture, Landscaping and Security Operations.


Offers the following services:-